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volunteer testimonials

George Eckborg

George Eckborg,  Sweden ,   volunteer-coordinator

01/06/2013  to   06/08/2013

Working as a volunteer Co-ordinator for VIN has been a truly rewarding experience. The post is a delight in that you become a part of the management side of VIN and are...

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Spyridon Ziangos

Spyridon Ziangos,  USA ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/06/2013  to   26/07/2013

Working with VIN was an amazing experience. Arriving in Nepal I was nervous and wasn’t sure if I chose the right volunteer program. But the minute I met everyone at VIN I...

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Tom Adkin

Tom Adkin,  UK ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/04/2013  to   09/06/2013

Wow! What a time in Nepal, my stay at the buddhist monastery was really incredible. When I first booked with VIN Bhupi would email me back the next day if I sent...

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Charlotte Bradley

Charlotte Bradley,  UK ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/06/2013  to   26/07/2013

Half way through my time here in Nepal, I can say with full confidence that it was a great decision to join a program with VIN. I would have absolutely no reservations...

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Clement Pfeiffer,  France ,   early-childhood-development

18/04/2013  to   31/05/2013

Leaving to another country on one’s own can be a lifetime experience. Leaving to Nepal with VIN is a lifetime experience. The organization makes things easier for volunteers to be perfectly accommodated...

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Gary Zamis

Gary Zamis,  USA ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/05/2013  to   28/05/2013

Teaching at the buddhist monastery has been a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this for someone with a flexible attitude and an interest in Tibetan Buddhism. One of the best parts...

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