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Yoga Teaching Volunteer

Yoga Teaching Volunteer Program of VIN

Yoga Teaching Volunteer is meant for bringing yoga to Nepalese society. Nepal is a beautiful country of contrasts and natural riches, struggling to find its modern identity and development in the midst of political struggles. The burdens of poverty and marginalizing cultural traditions weigh heavily on the most vulnerable ones, women and children. This country’s youth is in desperate need to heal the wounds inflicted upon them. Inspired by the positive and effective impact yoga has had on victims of war crimes and rape in Rwanda through Project Air (www.projectair.org), bringing yoga to Nepal and making it accessible to poor and marginalized communities would be an invaluable gift to support positive change in this country.

Despite its closeness, similarities and relation to India, Yoga has not been widely spread in Nepal. Often seen as a luxury in the West, Yoga is somewhat perceived far from its original form and idea. Yoga is meant to bring us to a state of awareness, where we can recognize our own divinity and keep centered and balanced, cultivating a daily positive attitude and physical health.

Bringing Yoga to Nepal is an initiative to give people a chance to live a better life that comes from within, independently of the challenges and changes taking place outside of people’s own power. VIN moves for this through yoga teaching Volunteer.

Volunteer Target Group

Certified Yoga teachers and Intermediate to advanced Yoga students all over the world willing to volunteer under VIN’s volunteering program to bring Yoga to Nepal.

Direct Beneficiaries of Yoga Projects

Nepali Children, Women and Buddhist Monks

 Benefit of the Yoga Teaching Volunteer Program Nepal

  • Integration of Yoga practice as a tool for stress management;
  • Opportunity for women and children to have a moment of rest and reflection from their daily heavy loads;
  • Opportunity for children to learn about their bodies and explore with fun physical postures;
  • Physical benefits of Yogic breathing and Asana Practice (find more restful sleep, increase blood irrigation and oxygenation for internal organs, rejuvenation);
  • Promote joint and muscle flexibility, muscle strengthening and improved posture;
  • Learn self centering practices to find inner peace, self worth and a more positive attitude despite life difficulties

Benefits for Volunteers

  • Discover Nepal from a local perspective, living with host families, in Buddhist Monasteries or in Orphanages home;
  • Share Yoga as a gift to marginalized, poor and abused women and children;
  • Accumulate Yoga Teaching hours in an enriching and fun environment;
  • Opportunity to study with experienced Buddhist Monks the subjects of meditation, Buddhism and other subject of interest;
  • Opportunity to practice Karma Yoga, helping and giving Yoga to others in need;
  • Opportunity to be exposed to Hindu and Buddhist traditions, including the use of Sanskrit;
  • Be immersed in a very rewarding environment and life changing experience

Volunteer Placement

Volunteer of Yoga Teaching Volunteer Program would be placed in one of the VIN host program locations: Buddhist Monastery, Jitpur Community Host Family or Kathmandu City Orphanage/Family.  Similarly to the regular VIN volunteers, Yoga Teachers would be assigned to a specific project, community or area for which VIN would arrange accommodation and food during volunteer’s stay in Nepal under VIN’s Yoga program.

Working Station

Those Yoga teachers, who comes under Yoga Teaching Volunteer Program would be assigned a classroom, gathering room or other similar area for Yoga Lessons either in one of the communities covered by VIN programs or in a Buddhist Monastery.The organization along with the hosting partner is responsible for providing a safe and clean environment suitable for yoga lessons.

Buddhist Monastery Study Exchange

Under VIN’s Buddhist Monastery Study Exchange, volunteer’s will have the opportunity to closely mingle, study and learn Buddhist ancient practices such as meditation, chanting, philosophy, and other subjects of interest to the volunteers. The monasteries will exchange English and Yoga lessons for Buddhist subjects during the volunteer’s stay in a specific monastery.

This is a golden opportunity for Yoga teachers interested in Tibetan Buddhism to be fully immersed in the monastery life and practices while performing Karma Yoga. Similar to an Ashram experience, the Buddhist Monastery exchange is an opportunity to deepen spiritual practices and serve in a safe, peaceful, enriching and very rewarding environment.

Volunteer Program Funding

This project would be funded through the volunteer’s donation to the program which will fall under VIN’s regular volunteering program.

In addition, Yoga studios in foreign countries can in the medium to long term be added as regular donors to support the volunteer’s and VIN’s efforts as a well as providing funds to purchases yoga mats and other props for all the students in the different communities.


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What our Volunteers have said


Muriele Haroutian

"Mon expérience a été une réelle expérience de richesse humaine. J’ai rencontré des femmes formidables et en premier, la responsable..."

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Mayu Suzuki, Yujung Chuong, Georges Luu

"For me, working with VIN was my first volunteer experience abroad, and I am very glad that I was able..."

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Lynne McLachlan

"You need to arrive at your placement with a basic understanding of what you hope to achieve during your time..."

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Anne-Sophie Berrayah giving class on human trafficking during her volunteering period

Anne-Sophie Berrayah

"My experience with VIN is my first experience volunteering abroad. I really enjoyed working with the local team and teaching..."

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Emma De Jong smiling

Emma De Jong

"I’ve had a really nice time working with VIN this month. We were received very well and the induction program..."

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Volunteer writing on the board

Justine Gens

"It has been a life changing experience. I have found myself very comfortable in the adaptation with the local culture..."

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Kristian Kusenda volunteers in Nepal with VIN in teaching program

Kristian Kusenda

"Teaching English in Drikung monastery was a great experience both in teaching and spiritual way. Definitely it’s one of the..."

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Marjolein at Work

Marjolein Wesselo

"When I began my journey to Nepal, I knew I could expect some differences with the Netherlands. In the preparing..."

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