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DRR Research Volunteer

DRR Research Volunteer Project aims to analysis and identifying the socio-economic vulnerabilities caused by a disaster among particular groups of people. Nepal is a hub for natural disasters and every year thousands of...

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DRR Education Volunteer Project aims to raise awareness among the public on what to do/what not do in the events of a natural disaster. Nepal is located in the central of the Himalayan...

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Art and Craft Volunteer

Art and Craft Volunteer Project aims to provide meaningful active self-learning and self-expression for children to be able to realize their own potential. Teaching and learning process in Nepal is very traditional. A great...

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English & Career Development Volunteer

English & Career Development Volunteer aims to teach English language and career development skills to the youth of 16 to 30 years in rural communities of Nepal. Most of the youths in marginalized...

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Animal Care Volunteer

Animal Care Volunteer Project aims to contribute towards protection of stray animals and prevent them from further mistreatment. Numerous animals such as dogs, cows and buffaloes are seen roaming freely in almost every city...

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Women Entrepreneurship Volunteer

Women Entrepreneurship Volunteer Project aims to support the women of marginalized communities to generate sustainable income through entrepreneurship development. Nepal is an under-developed country dived by cast, class, culture, religion and most importantly gender....

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Volunteer for Street Children in Nepal

Volunteer for Street Children in Nepal Project aims to give support, care and guidance to the most neglected section of children who have been rescued from the streets. Do you know that over 1200...

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Volunteer for the Elderly People in Nepal

Volunteer for the Elderly People in Nepal Project aims to protect and promote the wellbeing of the aging population. As you walk on the streets of Kathmandu you will come across many beautiful aspects of...

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Volunteer for Child Sponsorship Project Facilitation

Volunteers for Child Sponsorship Project Facilitation aims to support education programmes for poor and marginalised children in Nepal by enrolling them in schools via the support of sponsors. School drop-out rates in marginalized areas...

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Volunteer Youth Entrepreneurship

Volunteer Youth Entrepreneurship Project aims to empower youth (16 to 30 years) to become youth entrepreneurs in Nepal. Unemployment rate is Nepal is increasing day by day. Many youths in Nepal are either jobless...

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Women Trafficking Prevention Volunteer in Nepal

Women Trafficking Prevention volunteer  in Nepal Project aims to prevent the trafficking of young girls and women within Nepal and internationally. Nepal is a hub for human trafficking, especially women trafficking for sex trade...

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Protection of Children in Nepal

Protection of Children in Nepal Project aims to ensure that every child is protected and children’s rights are being practiced in communities. Children around the world are the most vulnerable sections of the society....

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Volunteer for Film and Documentary Making

Volunteer for Film and Documentary Making Project aims to produce effective short movies and documentaries which will help us communicate our cause to the world. Nepal is a beautiful country with abundant natural resources...

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Permaculture in Nepal

Permaculture in Nepal Project aims to ensure sustainable food production by practicing sustainable farming. Agriculture is one of the major occupations in Nepal. More than 65% of the people in Nepal are engaged in...

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early childhood development

Early Childhood Development

“Learning starts from right at birth. Child Care at the Early Childhood Development (ECD) program fosters a congenial learning environment for children of 3 to 5 years of age to develop motor,...

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children club

Children Club and Life Skills Facilitation

VIN’s children’s club provide extracurricular programs catering for all skill levels. Volunteers and interns and children’s club’s executives in these clubs, assist individuals in developing their innate creativity, while increasing their awareness...

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community health

Public Health and Medical Care

VIN Community Health & Medical Care Program aims to improve conditions through relevant education, services and public awareness programs. The volunteers’ skills and interests, as well as the assessed needs of the...

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Computer training Volunteering Program being conducted by VIN

Computer Science Volunteer

VIN has put together the Information Technology and Computer Science Training Volunteer Program, in recognition of it as an efficient means of communication. With basic computer skills, the Nepalese not only have...

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construction and manual work

Reconstruction and Sustainability

Volunteering within VIN’s Construction and Manual Work Program involves building basic infrastructure in rural communities of Nepal. The households of many within the communities that VIN is assisting remain without adequately constructed...

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water project

Water Project Research

Interested in volunteering or internship for environment and water research program? We have designed integrated environmental conservation projects to assess water supply in target communities. As a volunteer or intern your water...

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Environment and Agroforestry Volunteer Program revolves around raising awareness of environmental issues in communities, or placing volunteers into an agroforestry project set up by a German organization called “Kaule-ev” based in Kaule....

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fund raising

Fundraising and Grant Writing

VIN’s fundraising and grant writing volunteer program focuses primarily on capturing resources for the continual support of its different programs. You as a volunteer would be engaging in the writing of comprehensive...

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home stay

Hospitality Management

VIN’s language/culture/homestay in Nepal volunteer program is a program for those who want to learn about the culture and really immerse themselves in Nepali society. As a volunteer, you will be living...

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all teacher taking picture after Teacher training in Nepal

Teacher Development

VIN’s Nepal teacher development volunteer program offers a chance to assess and amend the current Nepali educational system to influence positive change.Teacher training in Nepal is not found to be conducted and...

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office administration

Office Administration and Human Resource Advisor

VIN’s office administration program is suited to volunteers wishing to experience the inside machinations within our organization. This position allows volunteers to use administrative abilities and language proficiency to help the office...

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volunteer travel tour

Volunteer Travel Tour

Summer Volunteer and Travel Tour program is designed to combine volunteering and traveling experience in Nepal. VIN’s this particular program is tailored for those who would like to see Nepal’s beauty, experience...

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Summer Volunteer Trekking Program

Volunteer Trekking

VIN’s summer volunteer trekking program is one of the volunteering program that combines Nepali culture, trekking and adventure, volunteer work for the good of the locals, and shopping in authentic Nepal, all...

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Teaching English Buddhist Monastery nunnery

Teaching English in a Buddhist Monastery

Teaching English in a Buddhist Monastery Project aims to ensure positive exchanges of culture, skills and knowledge between diverse cultures.  Are you fascinated by diversity in culture and practises? Are you keen on tasting...

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community school

Teaching English in Community Schools

English Teaching in Nepali Community Schools Program targets international volunteers who are looking to take part in a hands-on, Nepali classroom experience. In these local schools, you as a volunteer will not...

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volunteer agro farm program at VIN


VIN’s Volunteer Agro Farm program aims to integrate the old farming technique with the new one. It looks to teach local farmers innovative farming techniques while being mindful of traditional methods. This...

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volunteer coordinator

Volunteer Coordinator

VIN’s Volunteer Coordinator position is a position open for any international volunteer who would like to be a part of the management side of VIN. The Volunteer Coordinator’s main job will be...

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women empowerment

Women Education, Rights and Life Skills

“If you really want to change a culture, to empower women, improve basic hygiene and health care, and fight high rates of infant mortality, the answer is to educate girls.”– Greg Mortenson...

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Teaching the Deaf

VIN’s Working with Deaf and Disabled people volunteer program aims to give the disabled people of Nepal a better shot at quality education. For too long now Nepal’s educational system has neglected...

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Yoga Teaching Volunteer Program of VIN

Teaching Yoga in Nepal

Teaching Yoga in Nepal Project aims to give the underprivileged people of marginalized communities a means of harmonizing the body and mind for a healthy life. Yoga Teaching Volunteer is meant for bringing yoga...

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youth empowerment

Youth Club and Life Skills

VIN’s youth empowerment volunteer program looks to inspire and make proactive the youth of Nepal by integrating them into children’s or women’s empowerment causes, as well as teaching them life skills. You...

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Recent News


Children’s Summer Camp 2019

Volunteers Initiative Nepal focuses on the mental, physical, social development of the children. With an aim to protect the rights of the children, increase the access to quality education and basic health services...

July 18, 2019 Read More

Sponsorship Materials Distribution 2019

On 24th of June 2019, VIN distributed sponsorship material to 8 students in Jitpurphedi. VIN is committed to empowering children from disadvantaged background through sponsorship program under VIN’s Children’s...

June 27, 2019 Read More

Women’s involvement to run micro-credit project at Tarkeshwor Municipality -2 Dalkap, Kavresthali

To ensure economic freedom and independence for women through the establishment of a micro-credit system” is one of the objectives of VIN’s Women Empowerment Program.

June 3, 2019 Read More

Volunteer’s Monthly Meeting by VIN

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) has been organizing Volunteer’s Monthly Meeting (VMM) on the second or the fourth week of every month.

May 1, 2019 Read More

ECD Painting, Decoration and Teaching

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) has been conducting various projects under Children’s Development Program with the aim to protect the rights of all children in the community.

April 24, 2019 Read More

Public Health Medical Care Project in two communities of Kathmandu

VIN has been working in marginalized communities since 2007. It has been working to create healthy communities with public health and medical care program.

April 22, 2019 Read More