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Ursula Schmelcherf

Ursula Schmelcher,   ,   early-childhood-development

04/10/2010  to   28/10/2010

“The key to a girl’s future is education. I am so pleased that VIN supports education for girls and I am happy to be able to help one girl reach her goals.”

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Maartje Wessels

Maartje Wessels,  Netherlands ,   fundraising-grant-writing

08/07/2009  to   18/08/2009

I volunteered for VIN from July 8th until August 10th 2009. I raised close to 2400 euro (almost 3500$). Eventhough I was placed at the Osel Ling monastery where I taught English,...

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Lynelle and Bas

Lynelle and Bas,   ,   fundraising-grant-writing

09/09/2009  to   17/11/2009

Lynelle and Bas volunteered with VIN in Sep – OCt 2009. They also raised over 1000Euros funds for our community projects. We will use this fund to construct toilets in the community....

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Jenelle Jones

Jenelle Jones,  USA ,   early-childhood-development

18/09/2008  to   03/11/2008

Jenelle Jones, USA volunteered with VIN in Sep 18 to November 3, 2008. She contributed $500 for office internet set up (now VIN has wireless internet at the office). She also contributed...

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Debra Neil,   ,   community-health-medical-care


Debra Neil has been our main sponsor for our “Community Health Program”. She has donated over 12,000 Euros for our community health program and other programs. With her support over 6000 population...

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