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Donate for Toilet Construction Project

Over 70% of families who live in rural communities of Nepal do not  have toilets. They are deprived of basic health facilities. We have been supporting to construct toilets to these families. We have supported to construct toilets for over 250 families.  We aim to construct  400 more tolets by the end of 2015. To construct a good toilet, it costs about $400. If you wish to donate against open defication campaign, you are more than welcome. You can donate any amount you wish to contribute!

We have been trying to improve women’s health status through various instructional programs in basic health, hygiene and oral health, which were facilitated by both local / international volunteers and staff. We also have been working with various groups in the community for toilet construction and encourage good hygiene in the community and create a “stool-free” village.Join hands for for great cause by donating your time and money.