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Donate for Women Empowerment Projects

Help VIN for empowering the most disadvantaged women by sponsoring a women group just for a cost of $300 per annum. With this cost, VIN conducts various trainings for 9 to 20 members of each group and ultemately they can be leaders for betterment of their community. VIN has 100 plus women groups and the groups are associated into women cooperatives. We are expanding our works for more women each year.

In Nepal, there is a huge disparity between man and women. Nepali women spend countless hours working in the fields, carrying heavy loads, and cooking with wood fuel in poorly-ventilated kitchens. Women often eat after the men in their families, and have to sustain themselves with whatever food is remaining.

Given this disparity and the lack of awareness regarding health issues of concern to village women, VIN offers a variety of trainings and programs, which help women group members improve the health and sanitation of their families, homes, and communities.

VIN conduct a number of empowerment programs through women group, e.g. literacy, income generation, saving and credit and awareness trainings. Women’s group members also learn basic strategies for taking better care of themselves and their families. Safe Motherhood trainings provide women with a basic understanding of pre-natal care, which leads to healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.

Health education programs are also facilitated in the schools with which VIN works, instilling in students an awareness of health issues and an understanding of the need for good hygiene. Every women’s group member is provided with materials needed for constructing a toilet which improves family hygiene and keeps the surrounding environments clean. VIN also aims to help women’s group members learns to use alternative cooking sources.