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This website provides complete information on volunteering opportunities in Nepal. The Volunteering Nepal website is owned and maintained by Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) to promote volunteer opportunities in Nepal. VIN is a Nepal based volunteer organization trusted by thousands of volunteers & interns worldwide.

VIN is a secular non-political, non-governmental, not-for-profit volunteering organization (NGO) made up of, educationalists, social/human rights activists, environment conservationists, public health experts and other professionals within the field of development. Click here to learn more.

We are a professional volunteering organization. We are a member of international volunteering networks worldwide like CCIVS, NVDA,  ALLIANCE of European Volunteer Service organizations. We are also the sister charity of Friends of VIN -USA, Netherlands, Australia, UK and Canada.

We pride ourselves on empowering the most marginalised communities of Nepal. Thousands of people joined our volunteering in Nepal programmes since 2005. Apply now for our best volunteer program in Nepal. Please click here to read volunteer testimonials.

Mission: Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering Nepal’s mission is to empower marginalized communities, with a focus on women and children, through enhanced educational programs and community training to promote equality, economic well-being and basic human rights.

Our Approach – Volunteering in Nepal

We have four development pillars viz Education, Health & Environment, Economy and Basic Infrastructure. Six community-based volunteering programs in Nepal supports us to build solid foundations.

Experienced in the field of volunteering in Nepal, dictates that an inclusive and integrated approach to development is conducive to positive sustainable long-term change. Our volunteering organisation prides itself on having a dedicated full-time team, ensuring that communities receive the follow-up support required to transform short-term projects into sustainable benefits. We don’t leave communities until we can see successful results in the communities in which we operate.

Top 10 Volunteer Programs in Nepal 

We offer the top 10 volunteer programs in Nepal to implement sustainable development solutions.  The top-rated top 10 volunteer programs promote positive change in the lives of disadvantaged communities in Nepal.

The volunteers conduct various activities in the communities to enable communities to take charge of their own development. We believe in building capacities through mutual relationships with communities based on trust and mutual understanding. We use a holistic approach to development hinging these four main pillars. By synthesizing local and international knowledge, we take a globally-minded and culturally sensitive approach to building the capacity of marginalized communities.

The following are the top-rated top 10 volunteer programs in Nepal.

1. Women’s Empowerment Volunteer Program in Nepal: We aim to empower women socially and economically through education, life skills and income generation initiatives. To achieve the goal of women’s empowerment, we set up and run women’s clubs/groups, cooperatives. We run various projects under the women’s empowerment program. Hence, the volunteer can join either Women’s Education, Rights and Lifeskills Volunteering, Women’s Entrepreneurship building Volunteering, Womens’ Micricredit Volunteering or Trafficking Prevention Education Volunteering. All volunteering projects take place in the same community.

2. Child Care Volunteer program in Nepal: Through this volunteer program we ensure a child’s holistic development i.e. physical, mental, social and creative. We run several projects for the children’s development. You may get involved in either child care in the Early Childhood Development Centre, Child protection volunteer, Child club facilitation, Child education sponsorship facilitation or working for the street children.

3. Teaching at a Buddhist Monastery Volunteer Program in Nepal: We introduced the teaching English to Buddhist monks project back in 2007. Since then we have placed hundreds of volunteers in the Buddhist monasteries and nunneries in Nepal. Our main goal for this project is to enable the monks to learn the English language and learn other cultures and in exchange, the volunteer will also learn day to day Buddhist culture. In addition, he will also learn to practice meditation.

4. Teaching English at a Community School Volunteer program in Nepal: We partner with hundreds of community schools in Nepal. In Nepal, we speak over 123 national languages but English is not one of the native languages. The Nepalese now want to learn English for the opportunities abroad. Also, knowledge of different literature is well developed in English but not in the Nepali language. So we introduced teaching English in the community School volunteer program in Nepal and one of the most popular ones now.

5. Community Health & Medical Care Volunteer program in Nepal: This is one of the major community programs at VIN. A Community Health volunteer runs various public health-related awareness education programs conducts researches on community health issues. Whereas Medical Care volunteers usually are placed in one of the community health centres and shadow a medical professional. In addition, he also visits the communities for health education.

6. Teaching Computer Technology Volunteer program in Nepal: Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. Technologies are not used for the greater good of the people. Most public schools do not have computers. We are setting up libraries and computer labs in Schools.  Our computer technology volunteers teach basic computer skills to the children of community schools.

7. Environment Conservation Volunteer program in Nepal: We run a number of environmental conservation projects in Nepal. Permaculture, water research, Climate Action, Organic farming, Rainwater harvesting are some of them.

8. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Volunteer Program in Nepal: Volunteering in DRR has been a very popular program in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015. We have projects like disaster preparedness education and research, Disaster response and relief, reconstruction and sustainability

9. Reconstruction & Hands-on Volunteer program in Nepal: This program offers the opportunity to get involved in our reconstruction & hands-on volunteering. We construct schools, houses, toilets, libraries, community learning centres, school compounds in the marginalized rural communities of Nepal. Get involved in the reconstruction project and make a meaningful difference.

10. Adventure Volunteer & Volunteer coordination Volunteer program in Nepal: Our adventure volunteer and Volunteer Coordination volunteer program are designed for the ones who already have people management skills. From this volunteering in Nepal program, you will have ample opportunity to oversee various projects we run in the community while providing essential support to the local and international volunteers. You may enhance leadership and communication skills through this volunteering.

Thank you for reading about our volunteering projects. Dhanyabad ! 

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