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Volunteer Programs in Nepal with the Top Rated Local Organization

We offer life-changing impactful affordable volunteer programs in Nepal. Our top-rated volunteering opportunities in Nepal are designed for interested individuals, organizations, groups, couples and families. Join us and make a significant contribution to Nepali communities, in the meantime, experience the rich culture, natural magnificence, and daily life of Nepali people.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We also offer absolutely free volunteer opportunities to Nepalese. Our volunteer programs are the most affordable of their kind to international volunteers. We also provide free volunteer work opportunities (conditions apply) to international professionals from time to time. Volunteer in Nepal for the free scheme is for mutual benefits for international skilled volunteers and the Nepali community. If you are looking for a free volunteer abroad opportunity, Volunteering Nepal is the right organization.

More about volunteering programs in Nepal

The degree to which volunteers contribute to Nepali communities varies according to the motivation, passion and professional skills plus the duration. However, no experience is mandatory to join our volunteer programs. We strongly encourage all applicants to apply to our volunteer programs at least once in a lifetime.

Thousands of volunteers have already returned with life-changing impactful volunteering experiences with us and hundreds of them have returned back to volunteering Nepal. In fact, we only have a few requirements for our volunteers like – a positive outlook, flexibility, strong desire to help impoverished communities in Nepal.

Thousands of Nepalese and overseas have experienced a unique volunteer opportunity to travel, adventure, and exploration with VIN. Our adventure volunteer Nepal program may be the right choice to get involved for gap year students or people in a career break. If you are on a short holiday, our Summer volunteer and travel tour or Summer volunteer & trekking program will give a complete package to learn Nepali culture, to be able to give back to the people in need and explore the beauty of Nepal.

You can volunteer in Nepal while you intend to travel trek and experience the spectacular Himalayan. Every year, a large number of international volunteers join our volunteer programs and return home with a life-changing experience.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the most marginalised/disadvantaged communities through education, health, environment, income generation & basic infrastructure. We empower the communities through our six major community volunteer programs: women’s empowerment, children’s development, youth empowerment, public health and medical care, environment conservation and disaster risk reduction (DRR). volunteering for sustainable development is our motto. VIN has aligned its volunteer programs to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission and objective of our volunteer programs are to encourage and invite local and international volunteers to contribute to the development of the poorest and marginalized communities. In addition, we intend to enhance the feeling of volunteering, global citizenship among people.

All volunteer programs offer homestay opportunities. The homestay will allow you to learn Nepalese day to day lifestyle, language and culture. So while you are volunteering in Nepal, you will also gain lots of cultural exposure. It is our belief that through hard work and positive thinking, we can all help to improve cultural/religious tolerance and encourage world peace.

As a volunteer in Nepal, you will experience Nepalese culture and day to day life working alongside.  Likewise, the volunteers will be making a meaningful contribution to impoverished communities, while participating in an exchange of ideas, cultural exchange and viewpoints with the local people who will ultimately be catalysts for sustainable development.

We run volunteer programs in Nepal for people of all ages and all nationalities, working in areas where volunteers can be the best help to Nepali communities and develop themselves at the same time. We have established need-based community empowerment projects using baseline surveys.

Learn before you apply our volunteering Program

  • Can you live without modern facilities, e.g. hot water and electricity?
  • Are you aware that most volunteers experience illness at some point during their stay?
  • Are you open enough to accept and respect a culture no matter how different it is from your first culture?
  • Are you comfortable with yourself? At times you may feel isolated, particularly when you arrive in a village knowing no one.
  • Are you hungry to learn? You’ll learn a new language, a new culture, a new way of life.
  • Can you handle culture shock? The moment you step off the plane you will be in a world where very little is familiar.
  • Are you flexible? Developing countries, and Nepal in particular, are not as obsessed with time as the US or Europe. Often, schedules are ignored or appointments begin later than arranged. If you decide to volunteer in Nepal, you are opening the door to the possibility of a personally enriching and life-changing experience.

Skills and Quality we expect in our Volunteer Programs

  • Independence
  • Patience
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Sense of humour/ability to laugh at yourself
  • Tolerance
  • Willingness to share
  • Flexibility
  • Self-motivation
  • Open-mindedness
  • Enthusiasm to learn about new cultures

Interested to volunteer in Nepal with VIN? Please complete the application process below:

Application Process to join our Volunteer Programs
  • Fill our online form in the “Apply Now” section
  • Send us your recent resume with 2 referees’ contact details like phone number & emails, attached to our email;
  • VIN will review your application within 3 business days. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an email notification;
  • To confirm your reservation, you must send 120 Euros program booking fees to VIN by PayPal or wire transfer.
  • After we receive your booking fee, you will receive our comprehensive volunteer information packs (the packs will include everything to get you ready, volunteer program information, fundraising ideas, host family/monastery profile etc.)
  • Then you should send us your flight details, our staff will receive you from the airport. VIN staff will assist you from the time you arrive to the time you leave Nepal.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply (if between 16 to 18, you must obtain your parent’s consent letter) independently.
  • You must have read and signed our “Terms and Conditions” online

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer programs. Looking forward to working with you 🙂