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Volunteer Database

Before you embark on your own journey – meet some of our volunteers!

Volunteers and interns at Volunteers Initiative Nepal come from a multitude of countries, cultures, and ages. Some are students. Some are teachers. Some are retirees. Some are simply taking some time off. But all, are explorers, who’ve decided to volunteer their time to give and to experience what lies beyond the comforts of their own home. Nevertheless, they are all world-conscious citizens, who not only hope to make the world a better place, but do so with their own time and effort.

By volunteering you learn that it is in giving, that you receive. It is in doing work that we find meaningful, such as volunteering, that we lose ourselves and discover life’s joy that lies in the journey of empowering and inspiring others. This is why so many volunteers return, time after time, to give and to rediscover the joy of volunteering, all over again.

Click below to meet some of our volunteers: