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Children Summer camp conducted at Okhaldhunga with Taiwan volunteers

Children Summer camp conducted by VIN at okhaldhunga

Children Summer camp conducted by VIN at okhaldhunga

VIN started children work camp –  children summer camp at Okhaldhunga on July 14, 2017 in Himalaya Secondary School Thulachap. Around 200 student participated from 4 different schools. We had eight international volunteers along with six nepali volunteers. On First day of this children summer camp we registered name, make introduction, divided all students in four groups. We divided them on the basis of their age- group up 8 years, group upto 10, group of children of 11 years and group of children of 12 years age.

Second day we started at 11:00 am. First we made line according to group, then some PT and national anthem. After that we gave them name tag for every students. According to schedule we started to run, we did origami, collage work, English language, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, hand washing, playing different games with students. Fifth day we went for hiking, we observe so many natural things and collect flower, leaf and so many thing for collage work. Taiwani volunteers help to make origami, other volunteers help to do collage work. International volunteers help to students to play, singing songs, dancing and they made so many activities which helped students to gain knowledge.

Students were very happy to join with us. They want to do this kind of activity every year. According to Renu Shrestha who is studying in class 8, this kind of summer camp for children help to students build up their carrier, it help to their speaking and leading capability. Similarly Pradip pokharel said this kind of work help us to build our capacity. According to Dipak Phuyal who is principle of Raktamala basic School, who send more than hundred student from his school, this kind of  children summer camp help student develop their carrier as well as get involved in extra activity, he thanks to Volunteers Initiative Nepal for conducting such a wonderful children summer camp for children of school at such marginalized place.

International Volunteers were also happy to do different things with children and seems to be enjoying with them. But some time children were uncontrolled due to big numbers, otherwise children are interested to learn some thing and teach some thing. They are trying to understand our language and try to express it. They told us it is funny and interesting.

We finished this summer camp on 22nd July. That day we presented all thing what we had done during this children summer camp. We call some parent, teachers and present them all activities- like origami work, collage work, singing, dancing, painting, drawing etc. We conducted good farewell to all our interntional volunteers, who left for Kathmandu and will go their country from there.

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