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Blood pressure campaign conducted by VIN at Kavresthali

Volunteers at blood pressure campaign

Volunteers at blood pressure campaign

A group of volunteers, both national and International volunteers from Volunteers Initiative Nepal organized a health campaign to raise awareness about blood pressure and its consequences among local people from Kavresthali, Tarkeswore municipality ward number 2. This blood pressure campaign was focus to the ward 5 and 6 from the past. Altogether 147 people were benefited from this campaign, where 38 were male 109 were female. Although many people dies because of bloodpressure in Nepal but no blood pressure campaign are conducted, so VIN decides to conduct this campaign and started it at Kavresthali. The campaign was divided into two parts – education campaign and blood pressure checkup. The campaign was facilitated by Helene from France and Anjita and Prerana, local volunteers.

In the first session it was explain about normal Blood pressure (BP), High BP and low BP. It was explained about causes, symptom, consequences and treatment of the High BP and Low BP. Content was :

  1. Causes: Intake of too much salt, sugar and fats, Use cigarettes, anxious, stress, Lack of exercises and Obesity.
  2.  Symptom: Headache, Dizziness, Disorder hearing and visual, Bleeding noise, gum, Vomiting, Tired and Paresis
  3. Consequences of High B.P: Heart attack: obstruction of an artery by a clot preventing good circulation.Symptom include pain on chest, jaw and left arm. Stroke: bleeding artery in brain. Symptom includes visual disorder and paralysis. Renal insufficiency: incompetence kidney to clean blood pressure. Dementia and Risk for pregnant woman for miscarriage.
  4. Management of High B.P– Stop tobacco, sport and physical exercises, for high BP seek for medical treatment.
  5. Management for Low B.P– Lie down and lift leg to high, drink more salt and sugar water or electrolyte. If taking medicine for high BP stop treatment for High BP and consult with Doctor.

In second sessions, 147 people were examined with BP instruments. Out of 147, 109 were women. Results has shown that the Men of 20 – 40 years have good B.P. 5 Men out of 11 of 40-60 years present with High B.P among which 2 men smoke. 3 Men among 10 of 60-85 years present with High BP. A Man out of 10 of 60-85 years present with Low BP.

About women 5 among 23 of 40-60 years present with High BP and a woman smoke, 2 women had very High BP and 3 were under regular treatment. 5 Women among 20 of 60-85 years present High BP with headache. 3 Women among 63 of 20-40 years present with Low BP. A Woman among 23 of 40-60 years present with Low BP. A Woman among 20 of 60/85 years present with Low BP. All women with Low blood pressure have headache and dizziness. There was a pregnant woman in the campaign who has no health problem.

This blood pressure campaign conducted in Kavresthali was effective to assess the blood pressure of local people and educate them about blood pressure and its consequences. Every year many people die unexpectedly due to issues related with blood pressure in Nepal. So, VIN organized this campaign and People were happy to have this campaigns at the door site. You can join us again to support our public health program any time. Feel free to apply.


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