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volunteer testimonials

Mitchell Ryan Young

Mitchell Ryan Young,  Australia ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

15/06/2014  to   27/07/2014

My name is Mitch Young, I am a twenty year old student from Australia, during my winter break I decided I would visit Nepal for a few months. So I spent June-August...

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Meghan Vickery

Meghan Vickery,  USA ,   orphanage-homes

15/05/2013  to   04/06/2013

I really enjoyed the volunteering program on orphanage home. The children are amazing and I learned so much from them. I taught the children many songs and dances and they are very...

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Nisitha Sengottuvel

Nisitha Sengottuvel,  USA ,   early-childhood-development

15/05/2013  to   04/06/2013

I thought the program was fun and i learned a lot. it takes patience and perseverence, but you will be rewarded with much love from the children. i came to Nepal expecting...

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Clem Bird

Clem Bird,  UK ,   early-childhood-development

15/04/2013  to   15/07/2013

Nepali people are among the most sincere and strong willed people I have ever met. The nation as a whole is currently in a state of governmental dis-array, infrastructure and environmental progression...

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Andrew Kuhlman

Andrew Kuhlman,  USA ,   community-health-medical-care

15/05/2013  to   23/07/2013

From the outset of my experience with VIN, VIN has not failed to show itself to be an exceptionally compassionate and considerate volunteer program and organization. During my experience in Nepal and...

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Rachel White

Rachel White,  USA ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/06/2013  to   28/06/2013

My experience with VIN has been life-changing without a doubt. The support that VIN provided was exceptional and staying at the buddhist monastery was such a rewarding experience. I learned so much...

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