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volunteer testimonials

Fatimah Lokman

Fatimah Lokman,  Malaysia ,   women-empowerment

01/08/2014  to   14/08/2014

To be honest, before I left for Nepal, I was extremely scared and nervous. I do not know anymore from Nepal and I do not know for sure whether VIN is the...

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Filippo Taiano,  Italy ,   teaching-english-community-schools

01/08/2014  to   14/08/2014

It has been an amazing experience incredible .Working with kids in school has been very rewarding. Knowing that you can have an impact on someone’s life. Just sharing part of your knowledge...

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Isabelle Kathleen

Isabelle Kathleen Sofia Thorsen,  Denmark ,   childrens-clubs-facilitation

15/07/2014  to   28/07/2014

My project was about facilitating and teaching Children Club members about CC-management at schools in the community. The topics were roles & responsibilities, conducting meetings, writing minutes, publishing wall magazine, mapping resources,...

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Elizabeth Aifandre,  USA ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

01/07/2014  to   28/07/2014

My time teaching English at Buddhist monastery was incredible. The people were friendly and playing with you. Going through VIN was a great option for me and the staff really made my...

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Anita Kruz,  Switzerland ,   women-empowerment

01/05/2014  to   23/07/2014

Now, on my last day here in Nepal I remember how I felt 12 weeks ago, when I started volunteering with VIN. 12 weeks seemed to be an endless time and I...

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Chloe Fouques

Chloe Fouques,  France ,   community-health-medical-care

01/07/2014  to   21/07/2014

Be a VIN volunteer was great! It’s always about sharing with your host family, the people in the community, the VIN staff or with all the other volunteers! Preparation and Pre-departure information...

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