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volunteer testimonials

Jennifer Vahanian

Jennifer Vahanian,   United States ,   orphanage-homes

15/03/2008  to   22/03/2008

I participated in VIN’s Volunteer program during my spring break, and I can honestly say that it was the one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.   It was a perfect way...

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Romi Buhner

Romi Buhner,  Germany ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery


When I arrived in Kathmandu at the crowded airport, Bhupi welcomed me with a big hug and a happy smile. He is a workaholic, admirable in the way he cares about everybody...

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Marina Malikova

Marina Malikova,  USA ,   teaching-english-community-schools


Volunteering for children, Youth and Women from 6th September to 30th

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Ann-Marie Quinn

Ann-Marie Quinn,  Canada ,   teaching-english-community-schools


Volunteering for VIN has been really wonderful. It’s been a great way to help other people, and just an amazing experience for me personally. I have gained so many insights about the...

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Alastair Westwood

Alastair Westwood,  United Kingdom ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

15/09/2009  to   01/11/2009

To some the idea of working in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal might seem a little like an exotic fairytale. After having discovered that through VIN it was indeed a possibility I...

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