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volunteer testimonials

Kristian Kusenda volunteers in Nepal with VIN in teaching program

Kristian Kusenda,  Slovakia ,   teaching-english-buddhist-monastery-nunnery

15/09/2017  to   09/11/2017

Teaching English in Drikung monastery was a great experience both in teaching and spiritual way. Definitely it’s one of the best ways to learn more about Buddhism and life in monastery. The...

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Winnie for children winter Camp at VIN

Winnie Chui Wai Ling,  HongKong ,   work-camp

18/01/2017  to   30/01/2017

The VIN volunteer experience is just amazing and I could not ask for more. We volunteers, we come to help, but I think it is an experience that we take more than...

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Maelenn Guillaumin on Winter Camp

Maelenn Guillaumin,  France ,   teaching-english-community-schools

03/10/2016  to   24/01/2017

My experience with VIN was interesting. I met a lot of volunteers from everywhere in the world! I lived with a Nepalese family and shared their way of life! And the food...

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Chantelle Du Toit Smith with school girls

Chantelle Du Toit Smith,  South Africa ,   teaching-english-community-schools

03/11/2016  to   30/11/2016

My name is Chantelle Du Toit Smith and I was working with the Computer Science Volunteer Project.  I was at Kali Devi Secondary School and I was assisting with Grade 6, 7...

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Pippa from UK participates in women Empowerment program at VIN

Pippa Hardingham,  UK ,   women-empowerment

15/09/2016  to   10/11/2016

I came here to focus on women: ‘women’s empowerment!’ I proudly told my friends and family as I clicked my heels and boarded a plane for two months in Nepal. I was...

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Anna from UK comes to VIN for participating in Women's Empowerment Program

Anna Hobbiss,  UK ,   women-empowerment

15/09/2016  to   10/11/2016

My time in Nepal, working on VIN’s Women’s Empowerment programme in the Jitpurphedi community, has been rich in experience and emotion. Especially valuable was the cultural immersion, living with a host family...

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