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volunteer testimonials

Stine Vestergaard

Stine Vestergaard,  Denmark ,   office-administration

12/09/2012  to   23/11/2012

I had a great time as a intern at VIN. The staff at Vin was very welcomming and I felt as a part of the group at the office. The work was...

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Rafael Pieralini

Rafael Pieralini,  Brazil ,   orphanage-homes

15/10/2012  to   28/10/2012

Nepal. What a nice country. Completely different from everything I know. I confess that this was not my first option, but now I can tell you that was the best one. Kathmandu...

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Louise Murphy

Louise Murphy,  Ireland ,   orphanage-homes

15/09/2012  to   05/10/2012

My time spent at Light for Nepal Children’s Home was the most amazing experience of my life to date. I have endless fond memories of teaching the kids card games, playing cricket...

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Zoe Goddard

Zoe Goddard,  UK ,   youth-empowerment

15/09/2012  to   28/09/2012

I volunteered with VIN for 2 weeks to support the youth empowerment project and it was a fantastic experience. The young people were very friendly and keen to learn and we had...

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Yuni Lee

Yuni Lee Heathcote,  Malaysia ,   teaching-english-community-schools

15/09/2012  to   28/09/2012

Nepalese children are every beaming with brightness and full of energies. They have so much to offer but just weren’t given sufficient facilities, tools and resources to cultivate their skills and intelligence....

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Fiona Procter

Fiona Procter,  Australia ,   office-administration

01/09/2014  to   12/09/2012

Although my time with VIN was very short, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been on a career break for the past 7 months and have been travelling and getting involved...

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