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Sponsorship Options

VIN oversees the full education sponsorship just for $230 per year of many of the most disadvantaged / destitute children, including orphans, abandoned, conflict victims, and the children from the extremely poor backgrounds or lower castes.

Children most in need of sponsorship are identified in conjunction with Head Teachers; Village Development Committees local goverment) / Ward Chairpersons and a Community representative.

Sponsors can either allow VIN to select a child most urgently in need of sponsorship or choose a child to sponsor from one of the following groups most in need of sponsorship – Orphanage Children; Conflict Victim Children and Disadvantaged Community Children from Very Poor Backgrounds including Okhaldhunga and rural part of Kathmandu.


Orphanage Children

VIN currently works with two orphanages in Kathmandu, helping provide destitute children with the care and devotion they need. These orphanages however lack sufficient funding and rely on donations.

VIN wants to ensure that all children from the orphanages attend school, and are able to receive a full education, despite their extremely disadvantaged circumstances.

Conflict Victim Children

Although Nepal is now a Republic, the 10-year Maoist insurrection lead to the deaths of over 14,000 people, over 4000 missing and left thousands more maimed and 100,000 people displaced.

The conflict had a hugely detrimental impact on the lives of countless children in Nepal and resulted in the complete disruption of their education.

Through its Flexible Schooling Programme, VIN helps these vulnerable children, who have suffered as a result of the conflict, to catch up with the studies they missed and regain access to mainstream education.

Disadvantaged Children from Very Poor Backgrounds

Due to grinding poverty, many families from very poor communities or lower castes simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Girls in particular in Nepal are often deprived of a full education due to gender discrimination

Sponsor Option

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Sponsorship Options

VIN oversees the full education sponsorship just for $230 per year of many of the most disadvantaged / destitute children,...

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