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The Role Model Farmer

Bam Dev Khannal is a farmer, who lives in tanahu, Jamuney VDC, Ward no. 2 gunadi, has been earning adequately from Agriculture occupation. This achievement is only due to his commitment and hard work towards the work he has chosen and now he has been an inspiration to farmers of Nepal. His career in agriculture field started when he took seven days training organized by Pashu Sewa Karyelaya (livestock office) in 2054 B.S. After the training he started planting five grass, struggled with commitments and now he has made his name to a successful farmer.

The Ministry of Agriculture has also awarded farmer Bam Dev Khannal for his Contribution in th agriculture sector with four thousand rupees in 2058 B.S. currently, Minister of Agriculture has also awarded Bam Dev as the best Agro-Farmer and livestock farmer of the country. Last year Khannal did a good production of seeds and grass which attracted a lot of other farmers. He was successful in helping the other farmers so he was selected as the best grass cultivator and was awarded with certificate with respect by the Minister of Agriculture Nande Kumar Dutta.

Nowadays most of the youth are unemployment and going abroad in search of employment. Most of the youth are taking loans with high interest or are selling their lands to go to the Gulf countries in search of job. The youths are so into going abroad that they sell everything and invest in manpower to fly overseas. Many youth are betrayed by the manpower and the brokers. It’s very important to youth to know that by using the local resources like khannal did, they can earn a lot of money every year. The youth should now know that not only international jobs earns good amount of money but the available resources in our country can also make a lot.

Khannal started with 5 pieces of grass seedlings. He worked hard and increase the amount of seeds and grass slowly and now he earns 3 lacs in a year. Khannal has given equal time to livestock farming now. There is production of 40 liters of milk everyday through which khannal earns 5 lakhs in a year from that milk production. Like Khannal, if all of the farmers would show their hard work and dedication towards farming occupation than no one would have the problem of unemployment and there would be no need to search for international jobs. We can make our own Nepal prosperous through our hard work like khannal did.

Article contributed by Tej Prasadh Wagle

Tanahu, 25 Bhadra

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