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Ever since the massive earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) held up and initiated to help earthquake victims by supporting through Disaster Relief and Recovery Program mainly in three areas of Nepal, Nuwakot, Kathmandu and Okhaldunga.

The Disaster Response and Relief Program was developed into three project phases, Rapid Response and Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction and Sustainability.

Till now VIN reached out to Nuwakot, Kathmandu, Okhaldunga districts of Nepal, supporting 32,000 populations and 5000 houses till now. The total cost of project was $167,633.50 and funds VIN received from 10 organizations and 310 individuals were $163,411.41.

VIN is helping many people rebuild their houses by providing human resources in the form of national and international volunteers who applied for the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project on LMTV or work camp.

Here is one of the success story one Jaylal sunar, whose house was recently rebuilt.

When the earthquake hit, the ground started trembling hard. Sujan Sunar, was inside the house watching television with his father Jaylal Sunar While they were still inside, one wall came crashing down and fell outside the house. They somehow managed to get out before the rest of the house collapsed.

After the earthquake, the family had to set up a tent outside. Manita, Jaylal’s daughter and Sujan could not go to school for three months. Now, they are both in high school. The family did not get any help from the government but the Red Cross gave them money to buy a goat. It provided them livelihood but no home.

However, VIN recently helped them build a new house. The house is almost ready save, the painting. Sujan says that now he has a place to live in and wants to start his own business.

Manita and Sujan in front of their new home in Jitpur

Manita and Sujan in front of their new home in Jitpur

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