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food day

Food Action Day, 16th October, 2014

On 16th October, VIN celebrated Food Action Day with one of the partner organization working for Orphans. With an action to extend all about the food issues like malnutrition, waste, use of...

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volunteering workcamp

21 New Volunteers in September

Volunteers initiative Nepal welcomed 21 volunteers in September. Among them 1 volunteer were national, 3 were workcamp and 17 were regular volunteers from different nation. After the exit of 61 volunteers in...

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public health

Training on Mental Well Being

21st September, 2014: The training on Mental Well-Being continued this week with the women in the village of Dadagaun. This week’s classes focused specifically on Assertiveness Communication. VIN Volunteer Amelia Abernathy from...

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children development

Problem Solving

The program has gradually earned success in terms of Life Skill Training in various government and private schools in Jitpurphedi. The prior topics covered were motivation, English language and so forth. Our...

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community program

Community Visit by Representative of Friends of VIN, US

20th August, 2014: A representative, Sedi, from friends of VIN, US organization on her visit to Nepal observed and conducted a follow up of community programs like women empowerment, children development, community...

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internatinal volunteer

53 Volunteers Ended Their Volunteering Program

By the mid August, VIN said goodbye to 52 international volunteers and 1 local volunteer. Most of these volunteers were working for community development programs. They were engaged in programs like Child...

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What our Volunteers have said