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Meghan Vickery

Meghan Vickery, USA, Child Care: Orphanage, 15-May-13 to 4-June-13

I really enjoyed the program. the children are amazing and i learned so much from them. i taught the children many songs and dances and they are very eager to learn.

Nisitha Sengottuvel

Nisitha Sengottuvel, USA, Child Care: Orphanage, 15-May-13 to 4-June-13

I thought the program was fun and i learned a lot. it takes patience and perseverence, but you will be rewarded with much love from the children. i came to Nepal expecting to be volunteering at an orphanage and it feels odd to be returning with sons, brothers and sisters.......

Clem Bird

Clem Bird, UK, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 15-April-13 to 15-July-13

Nepali people are among the most sincere and strong willed people I have ever met. The nation as a whole is currently in a state of governmental dis-array, infrastructure and environmental progression has been neglected and is belated at this stage due to dispute at the top of the hierarchy, however, the body of......

Andrew Kuhlman

Andrew Kuhlman, USA, Community Health, 15-May-13 to 23-Jul-13

From the outset of my experience with VIN, VIN has not failed to show itself to be an exceptionally compassionate and considerate volunteer program and organization. During my experience in Nepal and with VIN, every single member of VIN’s organization took a personal and genuine interest in my experience and my......

Rachel White

Rachel White, USA, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 1-June-13 to 28-June-13

My experience with VIN has been life-changing without a doubt. The support that VIN provided was exceptional and staying at the monastery was such a rewarding experience. I learned so much about the Tibetan Buddhist culture and got to make a great deal of Nepali friends therefore learning Nepali culture as well. I would......

George Eckborg

George Eckborg, Sweden, Volunteer Coordinator, 1-June-13 to 6-Aug-13

Working as a Co-ordinator for VIN has been a truly rewarding experience. The post is a delight in that you become a part of the management side of VIN and are responsible for seeing to the well-being of the projects and volunteers which are commonly placed out in the rural......

Spyridon Ziangos

Spyridon Ziangos, USA, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 1-June-13 to 26-July-13

Working with VIN was an amazing experience. Arriving in Nepal  I was nervous and wasn't sure if I chose the right program. But the minute I met everyone at VIN I felt right at home. I was taken care of like family, and although they were there for support whenever......

Tom Adkin

Tom Adkin, UK, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 01-April-13 to 9-June-13

Wow! What a time in Nepal, my stay at the monastery was really incredible. When I first booked with VIN Bhupi would email me back the next day if I sent an email with any questions they were awnsered fully and really quickly. This was a sign of things to come when I finaly......

Charlotte Bradley

Charlotte Bradley, UK, Teaching English in Buddhist Monastery, 1-June-13 to 26-July-13

Half way through my time here in Nepal, I can say with full confidence that it was a great decision to join a program with VIN. I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending it to others. I stumbled across the VIN website while searching for organizations which facilitated volunteering......


Clement PFEIFFER, France, ECD & Health Program, 18-April-13 to 31-May-13

Leaving to another country on one’s own can be a lifetime experience. Leaving to Nepal with VIN is a lifetime experience. The organization makes things easier for volunteers to be perfectly accommodated and prepared to experience living and working in such an amazing country.

The induction days are useful for two......

I really enjoyed the program. the children are amazing and i learned so much from them. i taught the children many songs and dances and......
Meghan Vickery
Meghan Vickery


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