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Non-Profit Organization: run by Nepali professionals to improve lives of disadvantaged rural communities by using holistic development approach.

Reliable Organization: a member of int’l volunteer networks worldwide - CCIVS, NVDA, EU ALLIANCE, Mother charity of FoVIN, US, NL, Aus. Recommended by Lonely Planet.

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Nepal Teacher Development

Project at Glance
teacher development

VIN’s Nepal teacher development volunteer program offers a chance to assess and amend the current Nepali educational system to influence positive change. Volunteers in this program are first given the chance to observe pedagogical methods in the classroom, from which they can form suggestion in later consultations with the teachers. The suggestions could range from offering teaching resources in the form of activities or workshops of your own, or simply discussing more contemporary engaging ways to teaching.

If necessary you may also be involved in the teaching of English to Nepalese teachers. These skills serve to empower them, so that they may provide high quality teaching to their students. This program at VIN is also looking at expanding to include a teacher exchange program, where schools from Nepal and abroad may collate ideas and methods. VIN finds locations. This Nepal teacher development volunteer program stands as a strong advocate of quality education.

Issues facing Nepal’s Education System:

The issue that we must address in Nepal is not only attendance in schools, but the quality of teaching at these institutions. A shocking 60 percent of public schools in Nepal are staffed by untrained and unqualified teachers, this is where VIN’s teacher development program fits in. The organisation is currently affiliated with seven schools in the Kathmandu valley.


VIN aims to promote quality education in Nepal through the development of teachers. In accomplishing this the organisation and its volunteers have been active in conducting:

  • Pedagogic and behaviour management training
  • Children’s psychology training
  • Interactive seminars/discussions
  • Teacher exchange visits
  • Individual support/assistance
  • Promote teamwork to foster congenial learning environment in school.
  • Develop a built-in mechanism of support system through class observation, feedback, etc.

Many of the teachers have benefited from such programs receiving reports of significant positive change in their respective classrooms. These changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Easing teacher workloads through integrated teaching methods
  • Facilitating the management of students
  • Improving attendance/engagement of students through entertaining learning activities
  • Fostering better community attitude towards schools

Volunteers in teacher development support teachers by providing teaching materials and sharing their own experiences from their own experiences. Your personal insight can make a world of difference to these children’s education. This cross-cultural interaction with the teachers allows for a mutual broadening of knowledge in the field. Volunteers in Nepal get a chance to challenge themselves and step outside of their comfort zone. The nature of the task at hand has potential to push the teachers to learn about adjusting to various systems, moulding them into more well-rounded global educators. VIN also interested in the prospect of school linking, with other countries, so that students may interact online.

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