buddhist monastery

Teach English at Buddhist Monastery

Are you looking to experience Tibetan Buddhist culture in Nepal? Then volunteer with us today at teaching English Buddhist monastery project!

teacher development

Nepal Teacher Development Program

58.43% students failed SLC in 2013. Teach teachers to improve the quality of teaching in public schools of Nepal!

women empowerment

Women Empowerment Program

Helping women make self reliant through education, income generative skills & microcredit - get involved today to empower vulnerable women

public health

Community Health and Medical Care

Are you a professional nurse, doctor? Then you can be a big help in rural health centers in return you will learn valuable skills


Early Childhood Development Program

Quality Early Childhood Development program helps train body, mind & heart of children to be better citizen.

construction and manual work

Construction and Manual Work Program

Over 70% Nepali don't have access to good hygiene & sanitation. Help us install basic facilities through 'hands on' volunteering

environment and conservation

Environment and Conservation Program

Nepal has so much been affected by the climate change. VIN has number of environment & conservation volunteer projects

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construction and manual work

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