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VIN’s Volunteer Agro Farm program aims to integrate the old with the new. It looks to teach local farmers new farming techniques while still trying to retain their cultural heritage that is embodied by their way of farming that goes back to the time of their ancestors.

You as a volunteer will be placed with a local Nepali family and your main role will be to assist in the field, learn new ways of farming, and possibly even impart some of your own knowledge of agriculture to the locals. As agriculture is one of the largest sources of income for Nepal, it is a big part of who the people are. This program, by placing you in a Nepali household, and making you a tool in their engine of livelihood, truly does guarantee a proper immersion into Nepali culture and lifestyle.

Program: Income Generation
Project: Agriculture farm
Start Dates: 1st and 15th of each month
Language Requirements: English (Basic Nepali Tips provided)
Food and Accommodation: Home Stay: Nepali standard 2 to 3 meals a day(Daal, Bhat Tarkari)
Key Activities: Agro farm work with VIN staff and / or women in the community. manual work for cultivation, plantation, harvesting, training farmers, documentation, planning
Beneficiaries: Women and other community group, VIN staff
Working Hours: 3 to 5 hours a day / 6 days a week
Required Qualifications and Skills: Anybody interested in manual work/ having prior working experience in the field of agriculture management
Program Fees: 280 Euros to 1305 Euros

Matthugh Alexander
When I first had the idea of volunteering in Nepal I thought that it would be some sort of magical experience in a little hillside village of Nepal, giving my time to make much positive change to the community. I have since learned that cultural immersion and daily work at the farm is......

Volunteering in the Agro Farm program is operated under the women’s empowerment division set up by VIN. This program is suitable for those who study the environment and climate change, sustainable agriculture and livelihood, women’s studies, international relations, social work, development studies, Nepal studies, and cultural studies. The Women’s empowerment program may equally interest people who are simply taking a gap year, or are on a career break, or are on vacation.

Agriculture is a major sector of the Nepalese economy. It provides employment opportunities to 66 percent of the total population and contributes about 36 percent to the country’s total GDP.

Therefore, the development of this agricultural sector is extremely crucial for the development of the national economy. Nepalese Agriculture is mainly the subsistence type. People practice integrated agriculture. We can find livestock, crops and other enterprises being set up side by side. This is a very sustainable concept and works without deteriorating nature. However, it does need some commercialization and output maximization.

If you, as a volunteer are fond of Nepalese rural life then you must see how people are involved in farming. Once you observe the Nepalese rural agriculture you will begin to understand how exactly the farming is “sustainable.” Volunteering in Agriculture would be a great opportunity for you to learn local knowledge, culture and the way of living. Volunteers interested in sustainable agriculture, low external input sustainable agriculture or traditional type of agriculture can have real life experiences with such practices in the farms in villages where VIN has been working.

VIN offers packages for volunteers, enabling them to learn about the Agro-farm of different indigenous tribes in Nepal such as Balami, Tamang, Newar etc.  By volunteering with such races of people you will be able to compare what you already know about farming, with what new material you are acquiring, and maybe even come up with new techniques.


•    To give volunteers the experience of working within the system of traditional Nepalese Agriculture.

•    To raise awareness within our targeted community about dignity of labor and motivate them to start income generating agricultural enterprises.
•    To generate income from our farm and use that income to help improve the conditions of the rural communities we work with.
•    To bring some visible changes to the livelihood of very vulnerable farmers within the local area.
•    To study the locals who engage in indigenous agricultural practices that one rarely finds anywhere else in the world.


•    Empower socially discriminated, vulnerable, marginalized communities of Nepal

•    Provide technical know-how to the farmers without negatively affecting/disturbing their traditional knowledge and authentic techniques.
•    Work towards Livelihood improvement for targeted communities.
•    Raise funds for the community development work.  

Why Volunteer in the Agro Farm?

As an organic / non organic farming volunteer, you will learn how to grow your own food without pesticides, be exposed to many new and alternative learning experiences, and will be given a chance to give something back to the environment. During your stay, you will be living together with the farm family where you will all work, learn, cook, and eat together as one. It is a great opportunity for you to fully immerse yourself into the Nepalese culture and lifestyle.

Required Qualifications and Expertise

Volunteers for program must: - Be 18 years or older, have no major health problems, be flexible about plans and be committed.

No previous experience is required to apply for a volunteer or internship position; however VIN greatly appreciates volunteers who possess:
•     Expertise in a related subject area, such as economics, agriculture, micro-enterprise, accounting, business or entrepreneurship.
•    Writing and documentation skills.
•    Experience in a relevant workshop topic, such as, having previously worked in an agro farm/ organic farm
•    Flexibility and patience (volunteer work is tough, often frustrating but ultimately rewarding, especially in Nepal.)
•    A passionate desire to change lives positively.

Developing sustainable agriculture is one of the most effective ways to transform communities. Nepal produces incredibly resourceful entrepreneurs, mentors and leaders. All they need is the right tools, encouragement and training. 

As a volunteer it is important to remember that: 

•    Cultural barriers can make activities difficult. This is normal. It takes time to build relationships and adjust to a new work environment. By the time you leave, you will have new friends and great memories.
•    Even small efforts can change lives. If you feel you are not contributing, remember, that results take time. An intervention may not bear fruit for many years, but without help, these women will remain trapped in a cycle of oppression and poverty.
•    Volunteering changes you. Have fun and learn as much as you can!  

We welcome all people, of different backgrounds and walks of life to volunteer or intern with us!

This includes:
A.    Skilled and Corporate Volunteers
B.    Short term: driven volunteers

Make sure that you receive the following documents from VIN before you leave for Nepal:

•    For a General Volunteer

Pre-arrival pack, which includes a general description of the Income generation and agro farm skills programs and the role of volunteers within the program. You should receive this immediately after you book your placement.

•    For a Specific Volunteer

Placement pack with a detailed description of the project and your specific roles and responsibilities. You should receive this at least 15 days before departure from your home country.

Make sure that you go through the above mentioned documents thoroughly and understand your roles and responsibilities in this program. If you have any queries or need further clarification, you are always welcome to contact us.

You can start your volunteer work today by raising materials and donations in your country for VIN’s projects. A list of materials that you can bring, as well as tips for fund raising, are provided in the General Volunteer and arrival pack.

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Program Availibility:
Visiting Agrofarms with a volunteer
Visiting Agrofarms with a volunteer

Sewing Plastic Cover for Tomato Tunnel
Sewing Plastic Cover for Tomato Tunnel

International Volunteer working on Tomato farm
International Volunteer working on Tomato farm


The Role Model Farmer


1 week EUR 280.00
2 weeks EUR 355.00
4 weeks EUR 505.00
6 weeks EUR 625.00
8 weeks EUR 745.00
10 weeks EUR 865.00
12 weeks EUR 985.00

What does this cost cover?
I really enjoyed the program. the children are amazing and i learned so much from them. i taught the children many songs and dances and......
Meghan Vickery
Meghan Vickery


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