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VIN has been working in collaboration with various orphanages in Nepal to set up Child Care Orphanage Volunteers program. Every year hundreds of orphan & abandoned children wonder the streets of Kathmandu. A majority of them become child laborers, become street children and never get time to actually enjoy childhood. VIN aims to give them their childhood. If you were to become a volunteer, you could be placed into one of the orphanages VIN works with, giving the children the care and support they never received.  

Your job would be to teach the children basic English, and science and math if you can, help them with their homework, teach orphan children basic sanitation, put together little fieldtrips or creative activities such as arts and crafts for them, inspiring them to pursue what they are good at, and overall ensure their physical and emotional well-being. You will also be a helping hand in their daily routines, preparing them for school every morning. Several former volunteers have said this specific program has changed the way they view the world.

Program: Child Care: Orphanage Homes
Project: Children's Development
Start Dates: 1st and 15th of each month
Language Requirements: English (Basic Nepali will be provided)
Food and Accommodation: Nepali Standard - 2 to 3 times a day
Key Activities: Teaching English, creative works, support for homeworks, caring
Beneficiaries: Destitute children age 3 to 15, volunteers, local staffs
Working Hours: 3 to 5 hours a day / 6 days a week
Required Qualifications and Skills: High School / No formal schooling and experiences needed

Suzanne O’Leary
Volunteering with VIN has been one of the best experiences of my life.Everything from being met at the airport with a marigold necklace, to the induction which included sight-seeing some beautiful sites in Kathmandu, to being placed in the orphanage has been amazing.I have had the chance to volunteer in......

Each year, hundreds of children leave their destitute villages to find work in Nepal's crowded cities. Most of these children deprived of education end up working as child laborers in restaurants, factories, and hotels. These disadvantaged children need attention, love, care, and a decent education that could eventually provide a window of opportunity, for future success.   


The Orphanage Volunteer program in Nepal under VIN offers the street children the support and devotion they deserve. Volunteers teach basic English, creative writing, and other subjects such as math and science to these eager learners. As a volunteer, you also organize tours, games, drawing activities, performing arts (singing, dancing), painting and other activities that the children enjoy and learn from at the same time. While being able to help the children with strictly academic material, preparing them for school, and helping with their homework, volunteers may also contribute to the children’s emotional intelligence, enhancing their communicative skills and ability to interpret various situations.   


VIN Volunteering in Nepal Orphanage program is an enriching and life changing experience for our volunteers as well as the children. Many of our former volunteers have reported that this project, in particular, has been memorable and fulfilling, and has changed the way they view the world itself.   


VIN has been working with two different orphanages of Kathmandu. There are 9 kids in one orphanage and 15 in the other. VIN has been supporting them by making donations and placing volunteers in the orphanages. VIN is also in the process of establishing model children's home - "Nepal Children Home" for orphans. Most of the orphanages in Nepal are poorly resourced, under staffed, and are struggling to run their programs. There is an urgent need of any kind of help and support. There are many areas where volunteers can use their educational skills, and time, making meaningful contributions to the life of orphan kids of Nepal. Aid is urgently needed in education, skill training, sanitation, and administration.  

Volunteer's Role

VIN runs different educational and skill training programs for orphans under VIN child care in Nepal. So depending on the need of the projects themselves and the skill/interest of participants, volunteers can get involved in any of following activities:  

  • Teach English (2-3 hours a day) in an orphanage or school (when the orphanage kids go to school during the day).
  • Sanitation (help kids brush their teeth, shower, and learn personal hygiene).
  • Organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative extracurricular activities.
  • Take kids on educational tours.
  • Help kids do their homework and monitor academic progress.
  • Provide Child care services for orphans who cannot go to school.
  • Help kids get dressed and reach safely to school.
  • Help in food distribution, kitchen duties, and the chores of the kitchen garden.
  • Provide other forms of help in the administration.
  • Help in other activities or programs designed for kids.

 Skills/Qualifications Needed 

There is no need of a specific qualification for Orphanage Programs in Nepal. However, the volunteer should be interested in working with the orphans as well as be loving towards them, having a willingness to share themselves with the children, and be passionate about the cause that VIN is promoting.


VIN manages lodging and food for the volunteer. In most cases, volunteers stay with the kids in the orphanage where they get a separate room, and Nepali food three times a day.  In some other cases, volunteers stay with a host family. 

Location Descriptions  

Orphanage programs are located in the outskirts of Kathmandu (within 6 - 10 KM). Kathmandu is the dynamic capital city of Nepal with places of great tourist attraction such as Thamel, Patan, Swaymbhu, etc. Kathmandu has a wide range of restaurants, internet cafés, clubs, shopping centers, and banks. The volunteers will have numerous opportunities to explore the sites of cultural heritage during their free time. Our volunteers may hike in nearby villages, ride bikes in Kathmandu, walk around the tourist area of Thamel, and the list goes on.  

Working with the Street Children:

VIN also mobilizes its volunteers to support the street children along with its partner organizations that have a great deal of expertise when it comes to working with the children. The volunteers can do their own research and recommend sensible solutions for these kids. VIN recognizes that the street children can be sent to the day boarders or even to schools. VIN also suggests the children get counseling to bring them into the idea of a main stream education. In order to aspire for such a thing, they need shelters. However, it is only with your help that VIN can do this. It is only with your help that VIN can deliver the right to food, shelter and education to these children on the streets. 

Working with elderly Citizens

We also support interested personnel who want to serve elderly people, however this is not our main focus. Interested volunteers will be placed in the care centers for the elderly and can help the elderly citizens with their daily activities. If you would like to serve elderly people then contact us. We can be your means to them.

I participated in VIN’s Volunteer program during my spring break, and I can honestly say that it was the one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.It was a perfect way to really experience Nepalese culture, as well as share my culture with them.I loved the family I stayed with, and will continue to stay in contact with them. I also really enjoyed working with the kids at the orphanage.They are amazing children, and I feel lucky to have gotten to know them.I got the opportunity to see more of what VIN does with the community, and completely support its activities.I left Nepal with sadness, but its people will always have a place in my heart.I will surely return! I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a unique, positive way to contribute to the people of Nepal, and have a first-hand cultural experience with them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Jennifer Vahanian, USA
March 2008
University of Sharjah, English Instructor

Program Availibility:
Positions Available
Light for Nepal's Children Home
Light for Nepal's Children Home

Light for Nepal's Children Home
Light for Nepal's Children Home

Orphange Children
Orphange Children

Orphange Children
Orphange Children

Peace Buddha Orphange
Peace Buddha Orphange

Medical Clinic for Orphan Children
Medical Clinic for Orphan Children

Children at Matri Orphanage
Children at Matri Orphanage

Orphange Children
Orphange Children

It's photo Time for Children!
It's photo Time for Children!

Orphanage Children
Orphanage Children


My Frist Experience with the Abondaned children in an Orphanage


1 week EUR 280.00
2 weeks EUR 355.00
4 weeks EUR 505.00
6 weeks EUR 625.00
8 weeks EUR 745.00
10 weeks EUR 865.00
12 weeks EUR 985.00

What does this cost cover?
I really enjoyed the program. the children are amazing and i learned so much from them. i taught the children many songs and dances and......
Meghan Vickery
Meghan Vickery


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