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District Education Office (DEO) Rudra Hari Bhandari – Planning Officer We, District Education Office (DEO) Kathmandu have been working in partnership with VIN for education development for 2 years. Working in partnership with VIN, DEO has observed that the stakeholders have been able to get maximum benefit out of the program.   As Nepal Government can’t monitor and follow up all the programs we are involved, we select partner NGOs and conduct various programs through them –working in partnership, we have also observed that those stakeholders who are taking part at these programs, have maximum participation and the programs are being effective as well. For this, there are many NGOs and INGOs working in partnership with DEO, but I have seen that these NGOs and INGOs are not properly coordinating with us and have not been found that effective.   However, when we got opportunity to work with VIN, they have exceptionally been effective to run those programs and coordinating the activities with us well – we feel very easy to work with VIN.   Because they are performing their work which otherwise we had to do and now we can just monitor and also feel these programs are being effective, people are getting maximum benefit - this is what is being reported from the people involved in their programs, which is one part. On the other hand, we had initiated a program in coordination with an NGO for \"Alternative Schooling Project\" they could not bring the desired outcomes,   But when we started working with VIN, the program has exceptionally been successful – this is proved from children\'s performance and parents\' happiness. Another aspect, we have launched \"Income Generative Program\" for women in partnership with VIN.   Actually, we had a program for which women groups had to collect sum of 10,000NPR and then we would provide another 10,000 NPR for each groups. But the women from Jitpur, where VIN is currently working, could not even collect that amount due to their poor financial condition – VIN however themselves provided the fund on their behalf, was praiseworthy and we provided remaining 10,000NPR as matching funds.   VIN initiated \"Income Generative Programs\" which is very effective because we can see women are getting benefits directly by goat keeping, candles making, vegetable farming. To be honest, Bhupendra Ghimire from VIN did all the hard work by helping women for selecting and buying proper goats, taking women to visits where the women could select the best goats, which is really  a great work – otherwise, it was not possible for us to perform these sort of works. And they have been very effective for these endeavors. Any program we have for Jitpur area from DEO, has been well coordinated with VIN because of their efficiency. Likewise, VIN have  initiated \"Early Childhood Development Center (ECD)\" where we provided nominal amount of money but he, on behalf of VIN, added remaining amount and worked really very hard as a volunteer in these programs and are seen extraordinary. It’s really very difficult to find right organizations in these days like VIN. So, we will work in coordination with VIN in future when DEO brings other programs. We have now realized that we should request VIN to initiate these sorts of activities not only for these areas but also in other areas of the country.   Durganath Gautam – Chief Officer District Education Office (DEO) – Government Partner Organization We (DEO) have been working with VIN for three years as partner organizations. We have mainly been working with VIN in three different sectors i.e. Alternative Schooling Program, Early Childhood Development Program and Women\'s Literacy along with Income Generation Program.   I think these programs launched by VIN can be considered as role model not only for Kathmandu but as for whole nation. Because community mobilization is most important aspect, they have implemented programs mobilizing maximum community members and whole credit goes to VIN. Specially, these sorts of programs, such as, flexible schooling program, Early Childhood Development Center, Non-formal Education need maximum public participation and also they need to be motivated. So, for this we have to thank VIN. We also have other partners as well involved in same type of activities but VIN has shown the outstanding example. We also have noticed VIN performing their work in a very sound ways as they are regularly monitoring teaching / learning process, helping the women of Adult education by involving or including them in income generation training and so on. Thank you!!  

I really enjoyed the program. the children are amazing and i learned so much from them. i taught the children many songs and dances and......
Meghan Vickery
Meghan Vickery


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